Test multiples hosts

By default Testinfra launch tests on local machine, but you can also test remotes systems using paramiko (a ssh implementation in python):

$ pip install paramiko
$ py.test -v --hosts=localhost,root@webserver:2222

====================== test session starts ======================
platform linux -- Python 2.7.3 -- py-1.4.26 -- pytest-2.6.4
plugins: testinfra
collected 3 items[localhost] PASSED[localhost] PASSED[localhost] PASSED[root@webserver:2222] PASSED[root@webserver:2222] PASSED[root@webserver:2222] PASSED

=================== 6 passed in 8.49 seconds ====================

You can also set hosts per test module:

testinfra_hosts = ["localhost", "root@webserver:2222"]

def test_foo(host):

Parallel execution

If you have a lot of tests, you can use the pytest-xdist plugin to run tests using multiples process:

$ pip install pytest-xdist

# Launch tests using 3 processes
$ py.test -n 3 -v --host=web1,web2,web3,web4,web5,web6

Advanced invocation

# Test recursively all test files (starting with `test_`) in current directory
$ py.test

# Filter function/hosts with pytest -k option
$ py.test --hosts=webserver,dnsserver -k webserver -k nginx

For more usages and features, see the Pytest documentation.